Relationships are back in business

We're working on the next big thing in account, client and retainer management for developers, designers and consultants.

Zingsight is working on a product for web and digital agencies, consultants and other service providers to assist in managing their customer and client relationships and key accounts.

Our product will assist you in:

  • Improving cashflow predictability, making investments and hiring less of a gamble.
  • Increasing revenue by on average 40%*, leading to higher profit.
  • Achieving higher customer satisfaction, increasing likelihood of referrals (word-of-mouth marketing) and higher retention.
  • Effectively recovering the customer acquisition costs (CAC), making it possible to invest in selling and pitching for larger accounts.
  • Accurately assessing and predicting the value of your accounts (CLTV), increasing the valuation of your company.
* Based on our research with agency owners and freelancers.

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